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Canada Manenos : Part 1

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With the current state of affairs in the US, a lot of people are actually moving from the US to Canada and also from Kenya to Canada.
As always the most important thing to remember is the country you intend to move to always has a right to deny you a visa even when you do everything they ask you to do.
Your chances of being able to move depend on your qualifications academically, field of study and also your grasp of English. People in the health care field like Nurses and doctors usually are a priority and have an easier time getting immigrant visas.
The other common visa to Canada is the student Visa. For this you need to have funds available to pay for your school before you start the process of applying.
The first step is usually to determine if you even qualify for a visa before you spend any money applying for it.
We will start looking at the most common path used by professionals, which is the skilled Immigrant ( Express Way). The system is a point system which means you have to earn points based on pre-determined criteria by the government. They set a number of criteria and you earn points for every criteria that you meet. Then when you get the minimum required points you are put in a pool with other applicants from all over the world. If you happen to be among the top people (most points) then you get an invitation to apply for permanent residency.
Tomorrow we will do a detailed look at the criteria for Skilled worker program and the points you need to earn to qualify.
As always : reach out through the comments and let us know if you have any questions.

Greener Pastures

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A lot of people have always wanted to move to another country or continent for greener pastures but they are never armed with the right information and believe in the myths of what others tell them or their imagination.
Having lived in one country for my whole life, having a family already established, the idea of moving and starting all over again is scarily and overwhelming. Fear of what I will find and the processes involved, excitement for the change and the sorrow of leaving my two lovely daughters behind.
The following is a list of what one should expect when relocating through whichever means:-)
1. Kind of a visa given at the embassy. The most common are:
Visiting Visa
Students Visa
Work Visa
Spouse visa.
Fiance Visa
2. Airport Pick up.
I have heard so many cases where people get stranded at the airport when the supposed people who were supposed to pick them up do not show up in the airport. They switch off the phones and others goes to the extent of changing their number. You should always have an alternative plan and extra money just in case.
3. Host.
Most people are willing to host you but everyone gets drained by hosting someone who is not adding value to their houses. Keep yourself busy and humble. You are expected to help around the house as everyone else is out working. Most people are only willing to host you for a limited amount of time, then they want you out of the house. Disclaimer: We have angels out there who will accommodate and feed you and feel nothing about it. In three months you should have figured out what you really want to do.
5. Jobs.
There are all kind of jobs in America but being new in the country you should expect to start from the bottom up. The types of jobs you do depend on the people you are around since they advise and guide you. The work authorization takes some time so before most people get their authorization they do odd jobs, the most common being baby sitting and house help. However after you acquire a work permit you can work anywhere but you have to start somewhere, you should be willing to go to school to get licenses and certification so that you can start building a resume. You can never apply for a job without referrals therefore you should be able to relate well with people. The less enemies you make the better for you. And hey don’t be naïve, word spread like bush fire too so keep it to yourself.NOTE:You can only work40 hours per week per job unless you are working overtime.
6.Social life.
This is a nightmare because we come from a friendly country that has a 12hour economy.America has 24hours economy and everyone takes advantage of being able to work two jobs.People are rarely available for hangouts.
Cost of living.
The cost of living is very high despite being paid hourly as compared to salaries back in Kenya. Live within your means, people expect you to support your family and friends at home but at this point most people are struggling living paycheck to paycheck.
I have convinced a good friend of mine to write posts here of their journey while relocating and settling down in America, the joy and up and downs of being a new immigrant trying to settle down in a brand country. I will post her writings here once a week. Don’t miss it 🙂
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Happy Valentines day every one

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Special Valentines Day post.
I wake up on this beautiful morning in Boston. There is an energy and a buzz in the air. I check my phone and the Happy Valentines day messages ( mostly from Family, lol) start rolling in.
I blast despacito to set the mood for the day…why the hell not, right.
I remember the conversation I was having with my girl last night about us Kenyan women and matters of the heart. Our culture emphasizes that we have to please our men, you have to be a mom, caretaker and also make sure your significant other is happy. The thing no one teaches us is, how the people in our life need to treat us good and take care of us too.
A lot of us were never taught that we should enjoy intimacy, that we also have needs that need to be taken care of. We are taught how to please our men in and out of the bed. A lot of us cannot tell our men how we need to be pleased in bed, where he needs to touch, how gentle or rough we want it, but we always make sure that he gets to have his big O every time.
I know this was a huge challenge for me, expecting the other person to know what you want instead of just opening my mouth and asking lol.
Talk to me, is this an accurate assessment. I would love to hear your opinion on this.
Enjoy your Valentines day xoxo

An Economics Nobel awarded for Examining Reality

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This year’s economics Nobel Prize has gone to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström, for their work on the theory of contracts. It’s about incentives, and imperfect information, and long-term relationships. But it’s related to lots of real-world economic issues — performance pay, mergers and acquisitions, and bank lending.

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