by Wamwara

Internship/Trainee Program

This is a  Career Advancement Program that offers  university students from Kenya, recent graduates and young professionals the opportunity to become an Intern or Trainee with a U.S. business. These structured and guided training programs offer the chance for cultural immersion in the United States and professional development in the intern’s or trainee’s specific academic or occupational field. We work with different companies and sponsors to create a database of internship opportunities that are a good fit and relevant to our students/young professionals.

How does it work?

You submit your resume and cover letter. You submit an official letter from your current school to prove you are a current student.

We review your documents and if you are a good fit, we will contact you for a preliminary interview. Our staff at Maisha Lessonz will pre-qualify you and submit your file to our partner sponsor company for final approval.

The company that hires you to be an Intern for them will most likely also want to interview you via Skype to make sure you are a good fit for them.

After the final approval you will be issued with the paperwork that you need to book an appointment for a Visa interview at the US embassy in Nairobi