Summer Travel

Summer Travel
by Wamwara

Summer Travel Program

J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program in the United States offers young University students an opportunity to successfully work and travel in the U.S to create memories and experiences while interacting with people from all over the world. You get to gain more work experience, make new friends while earning money to finance your trip.

The program only runs during the long school holidays in June and ends in August. You are required to go back to Kenya at the end of the school holidays in August so that you can go back to school.

During the program you are allowed 30 days to travel across the US at your own leisure towards the end of your stay. It’s important to note the jobs available in the summer travel program are seasonal in nature and mostly in the tourism/hospitality industry so the student is not actually guaranteed a set amount of work hours per week.

You will most like work less hours when you first arrive since you are getting trained on the job. If you get fired from your job or violate the laws in the US you can be terminated from the summer travel program by the sponsor. The sponsor maintains a record of every student in the program using SEVIS(student and exchange visitor information) and if the sponsor terminates your sponsorship then you will no longer be in the US legally, you will not be able to work and you must leave the country immediately. Also, the termination record will stay in your immigration database permanently and will make it impossible to ever get a US visa in future.